Saturday, March 26, 2011

King Fox SEVEN Old Timer Echoes

 Yep, Good Buddies, I got my HAM call sign from the FCC yesterday morning.  I yama HAM.  The call sign is KF7OTE.  All sorts of cool HAM stuff took place yesterday.  I rec'd my first antenna in the mail, bought the domain name "" and even have my first loaner radio from Robin (N7OAU) and Gary (N7NUU).  The hand held radio is a Yaesu FT-238.  After this paragraph appears here, all our HAM stuff will be written over on  We promise it won't clutter up this blog.  THANKS, Robin & Gary.

Another big news item of the day was received while Spudboater was visiting with Goatherder.  We rec'd a call from Chip N.  The Verde River Recreation Guide project received a $10,000 grant award!  WAY TO GO, CHIP!  The money will pay for a real professional hard copy production of the guide as well as maintenance of an online interactive version that can be updated in near real time.  The third big new item of the day was that NEMAC came to visit.  That's Dear Friend & LBR Nancy McC. from Flagstaff.  She was attending a school-related conference in Mesa and stopped by for a couple of hours on her way back north.  It was great to see her and get caught up on some of her "doings."  Nancy delivered the fourth big news item of the day:  The Verde River Facebook account is very popular and Nancy herself really love reading it every day.  Doug Von G. has turned out to be quite the evocative writer.  Nancy says his daily snippets are wonderful.  As LBR's will recall, the idea for that Facebook acct. was born right here inside Straw Central on February 22. That's the "2-2-2 too much day."  Click here for the blog post recap of that day.

It was a very good campfire that lasted over two hours before Robin and Gary went home and we three came inside to eat a fine meal by Miss Susun.  Susun spent a good portion of the day visiting with Betty.  Spudboater and I visited Montezuma Castle, Fort Verde, the Verde River White Bridge RAP, Black Canyon, Wally World, Safeway and GH's Place.  A good time was had by all.  In an hour, SB and I leave for her race day extravaganza.  Then let the party begin this afternoon.  It promises to be a long but happy day.

Many Cheers, jp

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