Sunday, March 26, 2017

Life Lessons

A Dear, Dear Friend drove down our dead end road today.  The second he rounded the curve, we knew who he was.  He drove a signature truck in a signature style with signature apparatus attached.

We sat in our straw house he helped build swapping Old Timer Stories of Days Gone By.

And that's when we learned of his Life Lessons and Life Challenges,  We celebrated him during our visit today.  His courage in facing his challenges is awesome and inspirational.

And after he drove away we were left with our own thoughts and wonderings.

How would we deal with his challenges?  Would we be as gallant and cavalier as he?  Would be as quick to forgive and forget as he?  Would we move on as courageously as he?  Would we see the illusive light at the end of our own personal tunnel as he?

Aye.  Those are our questions this evening.