Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blog is dormant

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell this blog went dormant long ago.  We've only put up 4 posts for the whole year so far.  We're doing all of our stuff on Facebook now.  We had a great ride on this blog---1,772 posts altogether.  That's pretty amazing.

We're not making any apologies for letting this blog go dormant.  We're very proud of our work and our track record here.  We did a lot of great writing that will stand the test of time.  Many of our posts are like fine wine--they will only get better as the years pass by.

We appreciate all the wonderful support given to us by our readers and many Friends who loved the blog so much.  We won't be letting the domain name go away and the blog will live forever.

Who knows?  Maybe one day, we will fire it back up and start writing up a storm like we once did.

Many Cheers!  jp