Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Positive News

Yesterday June 28 I had my annual physical performed by Dr. Wallace Baker and a very capable Student Assistant. Dr. Baker was his usual ebullient self and opened our session by telling his Student Assistant about my "Positive News" project. Dr. Baker literally showered me with glowing testimonials about all the Positive Energy I bring to the world.  We spent time discussing the obvious health benefits of positive energy compared to negative.  We didn't talk much about the physicalities of the annual check up.  

In any event, the session reminded me that it's been a long time since I exercised my Positive News Finding Skills.  So, today marks a return to my roots.  Years ago we perfected a simplistic way to find truly positive, FUN news stories.  It's a rather esoteric technique, of course, but that's nothing new at Chez Yonni, right? RIGHT!

The first thing I do is select a suitably obscure little town somewhere in American.  Today it was Alta Vista, Kansas. Of course, there's a story about WHY it was Alta Vista but that story's too long to tell here.

Then we went to our GOTO random point generator and generated six GPS coordinates within a 250 mile radius of Alta Vista. We picked a point nearest to a named town--in this case Greensburg, Kansas.  Luckily, there is a small town newspaper in Greenburg called "The Kiowa County Signal."  With a name like that you right away know you're going to find The Good Stuff and we sure enuf did.

You're really not going to believe how this image was created.  But it's true.  Trust me, if you read it in "The Kiowa County Signal," it's TRUE!

“After a refined drawing, I grab my very worn pair of tweezers and always start with the eyes,” Burnam said. “I figure if I can’t get those right there is no use in continuing. I’m pleased to say I’ve yet to scrap a project! Once they are perfect I move on, usually to the nose, eventually connecting the mosaic like a giant puzzle. The first 10 hours or so are very stressful while I get each piece exactly right.”

Here's "the rest of the story" and it's a wonderful breath of fresh positive air!