Friday, March 25, 2011


Sometime this morning, perhaps as I write this, we will record our 6000th blog visitor since we began counting last June 19th.  And one of our blog visitors showed up in person so we technically have 6001 blog visitors this morning.  Welcome to 2nd Chance Ranch, Spudboater, it's great to have am LBR spend a few days at Blogger HQ here at the Straw House. 

Spudboater had a long and circuitous day--flying from Boise to Portland and then to Phoenix.  Then her shuttle was late, traffic was bad and she arrived in Cordes Junction an hour late.  We barely got her back to 2CR in time to get a fire flickering by sunset.  It was a great night for Ye Ol' Campfire and we stayed out for more than two hours.  Gary came over and we all had a fun time.  It was a tad bit breezy but our new windshield handled the air flow well.  The metal sheet was used for many years as an irrigation turnout on the adjacent NPS property.  It's kind of an artifact we've been saving for a long time.  Now it finally has a purpose.

Have a great day and Many Cheers, jp

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