Friday, October 15, 2021

The Weather Window

 The Southbound migration is always the one during which weather plays a factor.  After all, it's FALL and that's when the weather can be very fickle.  Nice today, not so much tomorrow.  We watch weather every day but much more so beginning 10-14 days before departure.

As of today, we're 7-8 days from departure.  The plan is to pull out of Idaho Falls on October 23rd.  But we could move that to October 22 very easily....possibly even October 21 is we actually to. At this point, it looks like we're going to have a decent weather window during which to hit Interstate 15 South.

The wild card is whether weather will develop farther downstream on our route before it works its way up to Eastern Idaho.  

The above graphic shows next Wednesday through Friday with our approx. route in red,  Note that area of Coastal weather over by NORCAL.  If that chunk of wetness decides to impinge on Utah, then we probably need to beat feet a little earlier.
So far this Fall,m the prevailing pattern for area has been shaped by pulses coming out of the Pacific Northwest, pulses spawned by robust low pressure systems in the Golf of Alaska.  We're going to get yet another such pulse early next week but it "should": be cleared out of the way just about the time we need to depart.  It's kinda touch and and go for this season's migration.

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