Thursday, October 14, 2021

Scratching the history itch

When the weather turns nippy and the days grow short, that's when we get the history itch.  It comes on slowly but pretty soon it's mighty itchy!  We can feel it growing more scratchy by the day.  So, what is there do to but scratch that itch, right? RIGHT! 

And the only way to scratch that itch is by digging deep into the Rabbit Holes of History.  Frnakly, such Rabbit Holes aren't hard to find.  They're practically everywhere, at least if you know what you're lookin' at.

And if on any given day, you can't find a right & proper Rabbit Hole, you well know what to do.  Open up an old, OLD newspaper and let a rabbit Hole leap off the page and grab you.  That's what we did today when we decided to see "whazzup" 150 years ago in Prescott, Arizona.

Why there was actually an October 14th issue of "The Weekly Arizona Miner" newspaper.  Talk bout 150 years to THE DAY, eh?  How lucky is that?

Anyway, it was a heck of a lot of fun diving into that Rabbit Hole and we spent all morning down where only rabbits roam.  We found some fun stuff and took a whole new approach to presenting it.
We like to put stuff on our Arizona History Stories Facebook page.  Then we like to post the link onto one or more of the other Facebook history pages for Arizona.  In the past, we've just put our link on those pages.  Today we created a photo collage of some of our content and posted that along with the link.  Then, as an added bonus feature, we did a huge long blog post on one of the 150-year-old advertisements we found.  Plus, we even found a link to the entire newspaper.  So, it's kind of a win-win deal for anybody who's interested in such Old But Goodie Stuff.

If you're inclined to take a flying leap down my rabbit Hole de jour, here ya go:
Since we started scratchin' the itch a few weeks ago, our Arizona History Stories Page has been doing pretty well, actually.

Happy History Trails!

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