Saturday, October 23, 2021

Southbound Day Two

Leisure Cruise...with rain...

It started sprinkling as we pulled out of Heber City...The sprinkling turned to a rain somewhere in Provo Canyon.  

After our Harmons visit, the rain became harder as we passed the BYU football stadium.  I felt sorry for the early bird fans huddled in blankets under wide umbrellas.
It was barely 11 AM and the stadium lights were already turned on!  Yes, it was a dark and damp day.
We proceeded on US 89 to point a few miles north of US 6.  Looking down toward Nephi the sky was nearly black.  We weren't too worried about snow on Soldier Summit.  The Provo area temp was 49 degrees and that's a long way from 32 degrees.  But we still had to check the radar to make an informed decision.

The radar sealed the deal.  We could tell the rain was heavy south of Provo and light up on Soldier Summit.  Turns out it was a leisure cruise on US 6 to Helper. Beautiful scenery, Very manageable traffic and only medium rain.

A few miles west of Helper the rain stopped and the pavement was dry.  We spent a long time in Helper taking way, WAY too many pictures.  The temp was pleasant and there was nary a hint of rain.
We both got raptured by the Helper Post Office and spent most of our time there.  I didn't know there were any old relic Post Offices left from the 1930's WPA Era.  Stepping into that Post Office was like Instant Time Travel back to the Post Offices of my boyhood daze.

We will Post (pun intended) up a ginormous photo album of the Helper Post Office.  Guessing there will be maybe 20-30-40 photos.  It was a postalpalooza for sure.

After maxxing out Helper to a greater or lesser degree in a general sense, we went down to Price where the price really WAS right.  For whatever weird reason, gas in Price was $3.24 a gallon, the lowest we've paid in many months.
Then we idled down south on Utah 10 to the Huntington State Park.  We're snugged up here with electricity so we can run our forced air furnace.  We're nice and cozy in The Mosey.

Got a great Door View, only a few neighbors and a decent $30 price.  

If we weren't so lazy this afternoon, we would have drive out into Swell Country--that's The San Rafael Swell, of course.  But a warm and cozy tiny home on two wheel kinda captured us today.  We're enjoying a Leisure Cruise Afternoon and it's delightful.

Thanks for reading.


Sue Malone said...

Love those slow quiet days. No reason to rush.

jg said...

I like " a greater or lesser degree in a general sense..." Some wiggle room there.