Sunday, October 24, 2021

Swell Sunday

A Fun Four Letter Word...

L-A-Z-Y...Yep, we're lazy today.  So lazy, in fact, we're staying here another day.  When serendippity delivers such a bonus gift, go with the flow.

It will be dry and mostly sunny today.  There was a sprinkle overnight but not enough to muddy up roads out in The Swell.  It's been 16 years since our last foray into The Swell so we're long overdue for another Swell kinda day.

Back before the internet, The San Rafael Swell wasn't widedly known.  Now practically everybody knows about the place.  However, it is past prime time for the annual tsunami of Swell Seekers so we "should" have the place mostly to ourselves today.  Especially with the locals all being in Church or driving coal trucks...or whatever.

Since The Swell became so frightfully popular, local tourism boosters were quick to capitalize with slick maps and brochures revealing ALL those Swell Secrets that were once as carefully guarded as a good fishing hole or morel mushroom sweet spot. Now each of them has their very own GPS coordinates.

Luckily, we have the correct truck tires to venture out into The Swell.  We're really happy with those Perilli Scorpions.  They were pricey but they're worth it for times like this.

Monday's weather looks fine & dandy so there are no worries in driving down yonder to Capitol Reef.  Whatever remnants of The Big Storm make it to Southeast Utah will arrive after sundown tomorrow. 

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