Sunday, January 5, 2020

Is it possible?

On New Year's Day we once again said we would start blogging again.  But we haven't.  It's five days later and we have nothing to show for the relentless passage of time.  I makes us wonder if we really CAN blog again? Maybe we just don't have what it takes.  Maybe we're just another faceless Facebook friend...just another meaningless member of the social media mob.  We wonder.

What's it going to take for us to break out of Hotel Facebook and roam free range on a blog's blank palette?  We honestly don't know that answer and we're obviously struggling to make the transition.  With that in mind, we're going to swipe yet another Facebook post to create the remainder of this missive.

"As we studiously study The Canyon Diablo Train Robbery (CDTR) Story, we are stuck by many inconsistencies, incongruities, and downright inscrutabilities.

This Journey Deep Back Down Memory Lane is a fabulous & fantastic experience. We had NO idea how much we didn't know. We "thought" we knew the story. HAHAHA! Oh, how we have been proven wrong time after time in the past few days...and fully expect to be proven wrong over and over again.

That's what is SO FUN about History. The History you "thought" you learned in grade and high school is as inevitably wrong as wrong can get.

It's only by questioning our own assumptions and peering deeply into our so-called "personal mythology" that we can begin to come to grips with what "might" have been so-called Real History.

The Canyon Diablo Train Robbery Story is a trip back down Memory Lane for me in so many ways. Technically my Purdue degree was in "journalism & history". It's only with age & wise eyes that we can look at what we once thought to be facts. HAHAHA!

The so-called "facts" of yesteryear are like last fall's crisp leaves kicked and crinkled under feet.

We've livin' and lovin' our retro revisit to The CDTR!

The Story Continues..."

Thank goodness we have the Canyon Diablo Train Robbery Story to give us some focus and purpose!

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