Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Canyon Diablo Train Robbery

Our latest and most current project is all about the March 1889 Canyon Diablo Train Robbery.  It's quite a famous story and an Arizona Legend in its own right.  It has been written about extensively.
We intend to compile and edit the various versions of the story.  Our goal is to help interested readers understand what may have actually happened.  There are so many permutations and combinations of the retelling of the story that it's very hard for people to separate fact from fiction.  Frankly, it's probably impossible to determine what truly happened with many aspects of the story.  Certain parts are well ground in verifiable facts.  Other parts...not so much.  We fully expect the project to take at least a year to get into a book format.  Chances are we will publish an ebook in conjunction with "print on demand" so that a hard copy can be available, too.  Most of our work is going to a blog located here:

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