Saturday, August 12, 2017

Straw Bale House Construction 1994

We're always looking for ways to help Friends see photos of our straw bale house construction  in Rimrock, Arizona, during 1994.  In our previous format here on this blog, we had a link to a photo album that Google has since stopped supporting.  So, we've been grappling with a way to get the photos back up and running in a manner that fits a wide range of "attention spans".

Not everyone wants to sit through a viewing of more than 100 photos!  Luckily, we converted our old photo album from the defunct Picasaweb to Google Photos.  Then we were able to do a series of screen clips from that album and put them together as a Facebook album.  So someone who just wants to get a quick glimpse of the gist of how we built the house can do so in seconds.

Here's the link to the new Facebook album which is a sequential series of photo collages:

And, if you have a long attention span and you'd really rather skip the little thumbnail photo collages, you can now go directly to the Google Photo album with this link:

Please let me know if you are able to view either or both of the albums on your device.  Use this email:

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