Sunday, August 13, 2017

Oh, Oh, this could be trouble

We've decided to start a three-person ukulele band.  Oh, oh!  To make matters worse, this three-person band will be me, Susun and Karen.  Karen is caravanning south with us in her motorhome this October.  So, the plan is to pull into a camp, leap out of our respective rigs and burst into song while playing three ukuleles.  We've already put out an ad seeking a ukulele here in Idaho Falls.  If need be, we will buy them on ebay or Amazon.  We're serious about this plan.  The photo shows a screen clip from a YouTube video of the world famous Jerome Ukulele Orchestra (JUO) performing in the world famous Spirit Room. They are our Role Models.

Here's the link to the JUO video,  Beware, the video starts really slow and continues slowly for 55 agonizing ukulele  minutes.

Here's JUO's Facebook:

Well, anyway, this is sometimes what happens when three Dear Friends get together for Sunday Night Dinner!  For more insanity see:

Below is the rig we are probably going to buy to get started:


We actually ordered the book below Monday morning.


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Mayor Diane Joens said...

Just checked out a few more of their videos. Love JUO!