Monday, August 14, 2017

Phone groans

By now, each and every one of us has enough "phone groans" to fill a good size encyclopedia.  Chances are pretty good that each of us could tell Full Grown Phone Groan Stories until the cows come home...or even later.

In the ever epic world of Phone Groan Stories, you're really only as good as your last tale of woe.
We all certainly know how those woes goes.

Well today, believe it or not, we think we finally reached equilibrium with our phone woes.  Truly.
The last few weeks have been really seminal in arriving at this point today about 5:30 PM Idaho Time.

We had a brief love affair with a Moto E 2nd Gen smartphone served by a fly-by-night outfit called Freedompop.  At first the affair was lovely but the deeper we delved into Freedompop's tentacles, the less we loved them.  Finally, our affair went on the rocks during this Glacier-Waterton Road Trip.  We decided Freedompop and their perky little Moto E were getting kicked off the island.  GONE!

Meanwhile, we crossed a techie Rubicon on this Glacier-Waterton Road Trip.  We were able to use our Nikon L840 for photos and our laptop for photo & word processing, We were able to easily transfer files and graphics to Susun's Sweet Smart Phone--her Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

All of our blog posts on that Road Trip were posted online via connectivity from Susun's Samsung.
That's when the light bulb went off.  It goes something like this:  "Gee, we travel together.  Gee, Susun's phone always has a signal.  Gee, Susun's phone is easy to use.  Gee, let's use Susun's phone!"

So, we turned off our worthless Moto E and decided we'd sort everything out once we got back home and after we sorted out all the usual post-trip stuff.  And so, all the chickens came home to roost this afternoon and we faced up to our Phone Groans like the Classic Adult In The Room.

We deactivated our Freedompop pants-on-fire phone and reactivated our ancient Tracfone with 450 minutes good until Thanksgiving.  Now we actually have a voice and text phone that's easy to use. It's been proven easy to use for us for years before the smart phone affair.  Now we're locked into a $10 a month service plan that gives us gi-normous voice and text that we will never use.

Now, we can kick the anatomy of the Moto E six ways to Sunday.  And, meanwhile, we can use Susun's phone to post stuff when we're on The Road! We FINALLY solved our Phone Groans.

Life Is Good!

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