Sunday, August 13, 2017

A shopping tale

Most of our Dear Friends & LBR's know that shopping is one of our favorite things to do.  It's in our DNA and we love shopping.  To us, shopping isn't just finding something and then buying it.  Nope.  Shopping is a cat and mouse game.  It's all about finding the best price on something we want.  Sometimes, it requires a lot of cat-like patience to wait out that mouse.

And thus begins a two year tale of the Brother 2320D monochrome laser printer.  Two years ago during the Black Friday Madness, we noticed Best Buy put a Brother 2320D on sale for a mere $50.  Well, we knew that was a red-hot smokin' deal so we bought one in Mesa, Arizona, within an hour of seeing the ad.

That little Brother black and white laser printer has been a God Send at our Rimrock home.  It works flawlessly and is the easiest and most fun printer I've ever used.  Toner cartridges are insanely cheap and we just LOVE the little thing.

So, naturally, we decided to wanted an identical printer up here at our Idahome.  The problem was that no one would put the Brother 2320D on sale.  Prices stayed pegged  at $100 (plus or minus) forever.  Once in awhile, the price would come to $80 and then go right back up to $100.  We actually saw some local highway robbers trying to sell the unit for $140!!!

So, that's where the cat and mouse gig comes into play.  No way would I pay a dime more than $50 for that printer.  And thus we have patiently waited in front of the mouse hole for almost two years.

Until today.  Staples put the Brother 2320D on sale for $60 and that got our attention.  Our cat-like ears perked up and we sensed we had the mouse in our grip.  However, as stated above we weren't going to pay a dime more than $50.  Period. Case closed.

And thus began a thorough, time-consuming search of Ye Ol' World Wide Web for some sort of Staples coupon code.  Well, after  much searching high and low, we found a coupon code just for businesses.  Luckily, we happen to have a dormant business (that's still on file with the Idaho SOS) called "Idaho Volunteer".  So, we signed up our business with Staples and got a actual, genuine $25 coupon code.

And the coupon code actually worked!  And so, we get to drive out to our local Staples later today and pick up our long sought after second Brother 2320D for a mere $37.09, including sales tax.

HA!  That's what shopping is ALL about to us.  We have infinite patience for the right deal.  Two years may sounds like a long time to you. But to us it's nothing.  We would have waited longer...NO problem!  Shopping is a game and patience is also a name of the game.  The dollar savings is only part of our reward.  The psychological reward is knowing that we WILL beat them!  The cat WILL get the mouse!  It's just a matter of time, patience and a keen sense of situational shopping awareness.

Life is Good and we are a Happy Shopper!

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