Saturday, August 12, 2017

Eclipse glasses

By now everyone knows about the August 21st eclipse.  The hype for the event has reached a truly feverish level.  Most of the scams associated with the eclipse are pretty low level stuff.  One of the lowest of the low, however, is people selling bogus eclipse viewing glasses.  Use of these bogus glasses could truly cause someone to go blind, maybe even blind for life.

It always amazes me what some low life people will do to make a buck.  The graphic attached shows how to determine if your eclipse glasses are the real thing.  I know this particular post is useless for the bulk of my readers.  However, if this post helps just ONE person avoid the scam of using fake eclipse glasses then it will have been worth it.  Pass it on to anyone you know who  might be in or near the Path of Totality.

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