Friday, August 11, 2017

$100 off

When did Costco go upscale?  How did I miss it?  What kind of paradigm shift happened here?  I thought Costco was just a bunch of savings-crazed shoppers.  I didn't know they might pay $100 for a 12 ounce steak.  What did I miss?  And when?

Look at the photo clip from the most recent Costco so-called '"Members Only Savings" mailer.  Feast your eyes on this one for a few seconds.  Narrative continues below graphic.

OK, so this is one hundred dollars PER twelve ounce steak.  IF you cooked the steak perfectly and IF you were lucky to get eight bites out of your $100 steak, that would be $8 a bite.  That's a mighty pricey bitey!

But what about every thing else?  Surely, if you paid $400 for four freaking steaks you wouldn't dare serve frozen broccoli as a side?   Or boxed wine as a drink. NOOOO!  You'd have to have all the accouterments to make such a meal memorable, meaningful and maddeningly expensive.

Gawd forbid YOU yourself would cook a $100 steak.  NO!  You'd need a top notch Professional so you wouldn't suffer the interminable disgrace of destroying four $100 steaks.  Gawd forbid!

I'm thinking if you served $100 steaks to your spouse and two Dear Friends, you'd need to invest at least another $1000 in the meal and its accompanying ambiance.

We need some of our Dear Friends to weigh in on this culinary equation.  Isadore, where art thou?

Meanwhile, just for your culinary reading edification, here is the Wiki on Japanese Wagyu beef:

With a name like Wag You, I guess they are wagging You AND your wallet!


Unknown said...

Well John, all I can say is that should you choose to indulge yourself in this delicacy, you need to plan this event with your usual vacation planning precision. #1 DON'T BURN THE STEAKS!! #2 You are what you eat, so be prepared for exposure to a large amount of oleaginous unsaturated fat. #3 Since many Japanese foods are believed to have aphrodisiac properties, tell Susan to get ready. The next 2-3 weeks might be wild! Enjoy! LM.

The Goatherder said...

At least they're not calling it "Kobe". You missed the 1200 dollar ribeye roast, not nearly as spendy at only 92 dollars a pound!