Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Snowbirds Happen

Up here we're just ordinary, nondescript Idaho residents.  POOF!  By some magic, tomorrow we become Snowbirds.

Snowbirds Happen once they hit the road heading south on that famous flyway, Interstate 15.  Snowbirds Happen when they lock the doors of their Northern Latitude residence and take off for Southern climes.

A little more than 24 hours from now, we will be once again transformed into Snowbirds, a title we carry proudly for six months each year while feathering our winter nest in Wanderful Wim Wok.

Chances are we will be sharing I-15 with other early Snowbirds, too.  You can spot them a mile away.  They have Alberta license plates and they are towing a huge 5th wheel generally driving way faster than they should with such a big rig.  The Canadians get with the program a lot quicker than us Yankees.

Snowbirds flock to Wal-Marts.  This time of year, you can drive to the back lot of any Wally World and find all sorts of different out-of-state rigs parked somewhat helter-skelter here and there.  Big truck fueling plazas are another good place to go Snowbird watching.

Most Snowbirds are solitary when migrating and rarely chatter with their brother and sister Snowbirds.  They keep to themselves on the flyway.  However, once safely ensconced in their southern roosts, Snowbirds become quite gregarious and can be seen socializing together often.

Snowbird plumage generally changes from the dull, drab feathers of summer to brightly colored attire suitable for shopping in any of our country's K-Marts and flea markets.

Ah, Snowbirds....

Well, today's a hurry-up, hustle-hard, hyperventilation kinda day.  What doesn't get done today ain't gonna get done.  That's the way it always goes the DBD.  (DBD = Day Before Departure)

This is our 11th time doing the Snowbird Routine.  Yep.  Can you believe it?  Six times packing up to head south and five times packing up to head north. Trust me, it doesn't get any easier.  Each time it's just a plain old ton of work to get ready to go.

Each time, we forget stuff.  Each time, some chores don't get done.  Each time some of our Friends don't get a right and proper goodbye.  Each time there's things we wish we woulda, coulda, shoulda done.  Each time we always say to ourselves, "Next time, let's be sure to do this or that or whatever."

But time passes and Snowbirds Happen and each time there will always be something....

One thing's virtually certain, a little more than 24 hours from now, some unseen fairy will sprinkle Snowbird dust on us and we will venture out onto the flyway to join our flock as the annual migration begins.


Susun said...

I always have a little sadness at leaving our Friends and hOMe here...but it is always sprinkled with a lot of gladness of being at our hOME and Friends there too. Thank you JP for ALL the work you do. So glad we get to travel together this time. I love YOU.

Anonymous said...

We'll be following your adventures and cheering from the side of the road! No migration for us this year. We will be hibernating in the mountains of Central Idaho.