Monday, October 13, 2014

So what's with this Twitter stuff next door?

We generally don't use Twitter.  We have a few Twitter accounts but never use them. Tweeting is for the birds, as far as we're concerned.


...except when we travel south to Arizona each year.  That's really about the only time we use Twitter.  It's more efficient that using Facebook or this blog to keep Susun's Dear Daughters and our Dear Friends updated.

Just before we depart, we embed our Twitter feed here on the blog so that anyone can see our whereabouts--even if they don't have a Twitter account.  That's something we can't do with Facebook.  It's not possible to embed a Facebook on a blog...and we can't imagine why that would be a good idea.

The other nice this about Twitter is you are forced to keep it short--140 characters is the Law of Twittertree.  Susun's going to be doing the Tweets this trip.  I long ago gave up texting while driving.  It's just truly too dangerous to do so.  However, Susun's the co-pilot this year since we're taking only one vehicle so she'll have plenty of Twitter Time.

There's nothing to read on this particular Twitter right now so we suggest you skip it.  The Tweets will start on Wednesday and continue until we get down to Rimrock.  Then the Twitter you see here will magically disappear once again to hibernate until next year.

So, that's our story and we're stickin' to it.

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