Saturday, October 4, 2014

Last Light

Our Last Light Lingers Long.  It starts to disappear about the city's urban forest about 6 PM, Idaho Time.  And it lingers and lingers and, well, did we say it lingers?

Down on OAZ (AKA: Ol' Airy Zonie) it's a much farther south latitude so the light isn't anywhere remotely close to Idaho.  That just one of the many reasons we love living in both places.  Evening Light, Sunsets, "Whatever," light up our lives.

Long Light Rays in Early October here in Idaho are mesmerizing.  Long Light Rays in early November in OAZ are equally as mesmerizing.  As Sweetie Susun Sez: "We get to have Two Falls and Two Springs!"

Yeah it's true.  We truly do.  We can't rate this on our Funk & Wag-Tails City Reviews, but if we could we would.

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