Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Type A-ness Time

Yes, Sports Fans, it's time once again for our semi-annual purge and resupply of (drum roll please) The Spice Box!

As some of you astute readers know, each October and May, it's out with the old and in with the new spices, seasonings and yummy, tasty stuff to make food fragrant, delectable and yikes, maybe even healthy, too.

Spices get stale pretty quickly.  Six months is easily as long as we'd like to have our semi-annual resupply on hand.

So, how's it happen?  First, we assemble all of our spice bottles like little toy soldiers lined up on the parade grounds.  Then we consolidate, make notes and it's Off To Winco's Bulk Section we go, list in hand.

Now that we have our travel trailer we're going to rig two groups of spices so this year's exercise it a wee bit more challenging than ever before. You can see those two little plastic baskets in the background?  Those are for the travel trailer.  The .50 caliber ammo can holds everything else.  You see, it's important to arrive in Ol' Airy Zonie fully equipped for our upcoming Snowbird Season.  We keep no spices or seasonings in the straw house when we depart each spring.  Why should we?  The summer heat would destroy them.  So, everything comes north and goes south with us each year.

Here's the basic Spice Box inventory:

Chile flakes
Chile powder
Chipotle powder
Smoked paprika
Cajun Seasoning
Jamaican Seasoning

Dried chopped chives

Garlic Powder
Granulated Garlic
Minced Garlinc
Onion Powder
Granulated Onion
Minced Onion

Garam Masala
All spice

Onion Soup mix
Organic sugar
brown sugar
Cinnamon sugar
ginger powder
sausage seasoning mix

It's always a lot of fun redoing our Spice Box.  The project took 3 hours. All the spices & seasonings you see on the receipt cost $10.09, including 57 cents sales tax.
It was a very fun Type A-Ness Time!

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