Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Morning Edition - 2456752

Cats.  We wonder what percentage of Facebook content is about cats?  It's gotta be a lot.  we grew up with a Cat Lady (AKA: Mom).  We even admit to owning a few cats, too, although one wonders if the cat is the owner and the human merely the "go-fer."

So now along comes "Cat Cafés."  No, I am not making this up.  Cat Cafés really, truly exist and they are not a figment of the imagination of some Crazy Cat Lady.

Somehow we know my Mom up in Heaven is already pestering Saint Peter about getting a Cat Café built somewhere inside the Pearly Gates.
OK, so we're reading this story about how Healdsburg, California, made the Smithsonian's "best small towns" list.  You may recall a prior article about Sedona making this same list.  Anyway, teh San Francisco Chronicle did a sidebar article on "Must-Visit Small Towns" within driving distance from The Bay Area.

Right off the git-go, we looked at slide #1 and went, "HUH?"  At first we thought it was a typo but it couldn't be a typo due to the context of the word's usage.  "Boontling-speaking?"  Surely you jest?  Nope, there exists a "Boontling-Speaking" people and they live in and around Boonville.  Naturally, we wonder is the evolution of the Bootling Language has anything to do with a peculiar weed that grows in abundance in that neck of the woods of NORCAL.

Here's teh article that got us started:

Now here's the Wiki on Boontling.  The first part of the Wiki is at least quasi-scholarly.  But be forewarned that some of the Boontling words listed below the narrative are definitely not Family Friendly.
Boonville's Universe includes Medocino and Ukiah, California.  That perhaps helps explain the language.,_California

Really nice article in this morning's Phoenix newspaper about adobe blocks.  The mention of Hans Sumpf took us off on an interesting tangent.
We had a Daily Double this morning.  It's very rare we find one article in our daily newspaper that we can use here.  Today we found TWO!  This is an interesting story because of the concept behind the business.
It's also interesting in that, for the life of me, I could not find any "people pictures" of the owner of those humans associated with the business.  Not only that, the business does not appear to have a website--at least that I could find after 15 minutes of searching.  Facebook, yes.  Website, no.

Now in this Day & Rage of Selfies, we find it very strange indeed that none of the people associated with this intriguing business has their face fotos splashed all over the place.  Odd.  Anyway, it's a fun article.

Yup.  The Idaho US NRCS released their "Basin Outlook Report" (BOR) once a month.  The April 1st BOR showed up in our inbox yesterday.  Lots and lots of Good News for both the Salmon and the Snake Rivers!  Enjoy!
And, finally, an article about intermittent fasting.  Back in 1978, I actually went to a place in New York to conduct a 2 week water fast.  Honest.  I only drank water for 14 full days.  Of course, it was under a medical doctor's supervision and I was observed and monitored 24/7 during that time period.  I am not sure intermittent fasting would be appropriate for everyone but the article is definitely worth reading.

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