Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning Edition - 2456754

Happy Monday!  Once again, we didn't plan on doing a Morning Edition today.  However, this bowling ball photo was far too rich to pass up.  Then we found four other article definitely worth posting.  Gotta run--gotta leave the house in less than 30 minutes.  Have a great day!
Here's a followup column on the Bowling Ball Cannon up in Salt Lake.  Our Local Bowling Ball Cannon Captain sent some videos the other day and we will post one of more of them in an upcoming edition.
As you know, I love checking in on my Lafayette, Indiana, home town newspaper.  There's almost always something interesting going on there...such as this:

If I read this story right, Bogus Basin received almost a quarter of this season's snow in the past week!

Great Project Article from an unlikely source.  The Twin Falls newspaper looks at the BWCs!
And, finally, your "aw..." article for Monday Morning!

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