Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Morning Edition - 2456751

My Facebook sabbatical is coming along really well.  I'm getting lots of stuff done and being really productive--AWAY from the computer!  Just because we're on sabbatical doesn't mean we won't be doing the occasional Morning Edition.  As you know, we love thus stuff, so here's a TGIF Morning Edition for ya'll.
Rimrocker captures lightning in a lens

Sweetie Susun's in Vista, California, enjoying some Grin Kid Quality Time.  "Vantastic" photo, Sweetie!

Bet neither Sweetie or Sarah know there's a butterfly farm in Vista.  And we'll bet YOU didn't know Sarah's official middle name is "Butterfly."
Whilst roaming Flagstaff daily newspaper, we came across a story about how the Lowell Observatory Staff is curating and relocating a lot of historical artifacts in their possession.  Ironically, we bought an embroidered Lowell Obs patch this week to sew onto a hiking shirt.  Back in the day when we actually lived in Flagstaff, we often visited Percival Lowell's strange blue-domed tomb high atop Observatory Mesa.  It's been covered since then but we found a nice old photo of it.

Here's the article that got us started:

Here's the article about his tomb being covered.
If Good Ol' Percival was alive today, he'd probably be running vortex tours in Sedona.

We have a lot of stories to tell about one of Percival's young associates.  Unfortunately, we don't have time right now.  Maybe someday....maybe.

Hot and smart, eh?  Well, here's yer upbeat story for Friday.
Absolute awesome story!!!
Seattle's Dive Bar Scene:
Another great April Fool Spoof!
Microbe Methane Mayhem?
From my home town newspaper:
Maybe we can get somebody to mimic the 1950's Shondells or the Rondells or whoever they were and do some sort of early rocker wailing song about "Why, oh, why are we so dry, yyyy.  Oh, why, oh, why are we soooo dry--yi-yi."

Meanwhile back on The Banks of The Wabash:
For my Train Lovin' Friends:

Her growing celebrity status led Borsch to take his pet coyote on a 10-state promotional tour culminating in a visit to the White House where her photograph was purportedly taken with
President Dwight Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon. A special stamp was even
issued commemorating Tootsie’s status as a coyote of character.
All you Dog Lovers are gonna LOVE these stories:
There's something about the Rapid City, South Dakota, newspaper that keeps drawing us back.

And, finally, we now have a fun new sports team to follow--The Lady Busters.
"We've had a lot of long meetings, a lot of crying, a lot of yelling, a lot of screaming, and it just seemed to come together today."
"The Lady Busters relax, blow past Colby."

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