Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GO Figure

Well, it's actually kinda cold outside this evening.   Like 42 degrees!  YIKES!  The cloud deck is down to around 5000 feet and there has actually been some R-A-I-N here in Rimrock!  Rain, you say? YES!  Rain, I say! Enough Cat Spit Rain to actually wet the soil!  OMG!

Hey, ain't this April?  It's not supposed to do this stuff in April.  What the heck happened?  Well, Dear Readers, everything is out of whack.  Even The Rain is Whacked!  Especially here in Rim-Whack!  Wain upon the Plain in Whim-Whack!  OMG!

Luckily, we are hunkered down in our straw house which never knows which way the temperature flows. It's all good here inside these 20 year old plastered walls.

Ironically, we FINALLY took down our fabric motto this afternoon.  Wouldn't you know, it's probably snowing someplace up on The Mogollon Rim.

GO Figure!

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