Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Morning Edition - 2456692

Tuesday Greetings!  We are heading to Phoenix and Mesa this morning.  Sweetie Susun is flying to Kauai tomorrow morning for a long overdue extended visit with Dear Daughter Stasea.  It's been a few years since Susun has been to Hawaii.  This time, Susun is traveling with Dear Friend Catherine B.

Speaking of Tropical Trips, we're starting off this Morning Edition with kudos and online high fives to Sue Malone for her prolific blogging talents.  Sue has become one of our Blogger Role Models.  When Sue decides to describe an experience or a place, she really does it up right and proper.  At this point, Sue has five posts (so far) detailing a tropical cruise which was a part of her three-month meander around the country.  Way to GO, Sue Malone!

OK, here are the blog post in order of their appearance.  (As you know, Blogger puts post in chronological order with the most recent at the top.  That makes it tough to read them in sequence so we have done all that heavy lifting for you.







It's drier in Prescott that it's been since record keeping began in 1898.
Back in 1898, as this Sharlot Hall Museum photo shows,
the Big Thing was getting the Rough Riders ready to go to war!
Some Native Happy...some not so much.

And here's a fun fandom article you might find interesting:
A great idea that never made it to reality.

Listen up, Lego!
As you know from the lead-in to this Morning Edition, Sweetie Susun is leaving Wednesday (tomorrow) for Kauai.
 So, we're going to start covering Hawaiian news for the next ten days.  Weather is the big story there now.
Looks like there is a mini-Pineapple Express feeding the water hose over the Islands.  Big surf advisory, too.
The red line shows the direction of the water vapor feed line.  Hawaii is to the lower left of the big red dot.
Yikes, we almost forgot the story about the Arizona guy who won the million dollar for his 30-second Super Bowl ad.

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Sue Malone said...

Oh, John I can't help blushing. You are just too kind. That heavy lifting part is especially cool. Thanks a bunch!