Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Morning edition - 2456712

Very short Morning Edition today.  Much to do--have to be out of the house before 7:45.  Maybe we will have more time tomorrow morning.  Thanks for reading.  Yesterday's Morning Edition has more "reads" than any Morning Edition since February 10th!  Happy Day!

Here's a fun way to start off your Monday Morning--198 photos of this winter in Alaska.  We found the link while visiting the Anchorage newspaper this morning.

Do you enjoy geology and yearn for more?  Yearn no more.  The USGS released the geology of Jupiter's Moon, Ganymede:

How's Big Bubba coming along?  Pretty danged good, actually.  Check out the newly revised, upgraded forecast precipitation totals progged for the next seven days.  Now we're talking some W-A-T-E-R!  Wha-Whoo!  Each day it just keep getting better for Arizona bleak drought-stricken situation and worse for Little Yonni's Grand Canyon backpack prospects.

Take a real close look at note also the 4.8 inches of precip progged for the headwaters of The Snake River along the Idaho-Wyoming border.  YEA, this is truly welcome news!

Time once again to get caught up with Sue Malone's travel blog:

Nanette S.C. has put up some fun stuff on her blog:

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