Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Morning Edition 2456674

Well, we better get this show on the road.  We're receiving mixed reviews on this Morning Edition gig.  Some like it and some don't.  We are ambivalent about whether we should keep it going or let it slide.  One thing we now, it's fun to be prowling 'round El Net looking for fun stuff.  On the other hand, such prowling takes time and we haven't been writing anything original in days.  By the time we are finished prowling, it's time to get on the with day.  So, as always, it's a trade-off.  If we drop the morning report, we would have more time to write....but there would be no morning report and we wouldn't have any fun prowling around El Net.  What to do?

We are very remiss in writing about our new travel trailer and that's our #1 Goal right now.  Hopefully, that story will get told soon, hopefully today.  In the meantime, we had some fun this morning roaming El Net and here are our highlights.

Believe it nor not, this is Wayne Ranney's Office.
Here's Wayne's Support Staff--pilots & cabin crew.
And here's a glimpse of Wayne's clients.
Wayne is finally back up and running again with his blog posts.  His laptop died, probably because it was 53 dog years old.  Now he's mastered uploading photos from an iPad so life is good again.  The links below will take you to the three newest posts on Wayne's blog.  I put the oldest link first (in reserve order of how blogger doe it).  As always, Wayne's blog posts are thoroughly captivating.

Another of our favorite bloggers, Sue Malone, put up the second installment of her visit to Big Bend National Park in Texas. Wayne Ranney and I visited that same area in the spring of 1981 to do a river trip on the Rio Grande.  Wayne probably actually has some photos of that trip and we will see if he might find them when he returns from his trip.  Here's Sue's most recent blog post:

For all of you Grand Canyon fans, we discovered a wonderful new resource for stories about The Big Ditch.
This story is about the New Hance Trail but you can see lots of other stories in the right margin.

Speaking of John Hance, we scanned in an old Arizona Highways story about Hance and put it on the blog:

John Hance's brother, George, lived in Camp Verde.  George loved to talk to himself.  Once a child asked George why he talked to himself and he said, "First, I love to hear a smart man talk and, second, I love to talk to a smart man."  (Zoom in on the publication to see the type in a much larger and more readable size.)

It's been awhile since we bored you with weather.  However, it's possible there's a decent potential storm brewing out in El Pacifico.  Maybe that huge low pressure system might push some much needed precipitation into the now parched Western US.  Cross your fingers.

NOAA's Ocean Prediction Center says, "Active and intense low pressure track remains across the North Pacific. The graphic highlights a hurricane force (winds greater than 63 knots) low pressure near 40N170E, and also seen in the visible image is a storm force (winds greater than 47 knots) low pressure approaching the Aleutian Islands. The insert, top left, is the from the 18Z GFS model cycle and contains mean sea level pressure and 30M winds corresponding to about the same time as the satellite image.

For the latest Pacific info:

Hey, how bout this?  A lottery winner gives ALL (AKA: 100%) of his winnings to charity!

This is what is happening with Facebook demographics.  Teens are bailing out and Seniors are signing on.

The White Castle Slider was named the most influential burger of all time by Time Magazine.  In-N-Out only ranked #3, dang it.  Meanwhile, we just learned about the Ramen Burger.  Read all about the 17 burgers, including one that costs $325,000 in the link below the list.

Ramen Burger?  Time says it is one of the most influential burgers of all time and it doesn't even have a restaurant. Huh?

  • 17. The Krusty Burger
  • 16. The Ghost Burger
  • 15. The Varsity Burger
  • 14. The Umami Burger
  • 13. The Ray’s Hell Burger
  • 12. The Ramen Burger
  • 11. The MOS Burger
  • 10. The Jucy Lucy
  • 9. The Lab-Grown Burger
  • 8. The Quadruple Bypass Burger
  • 7. The ShackBurger
  • 6. The Gardenburger
  • 5. The Burger King Whopper
  • 4. The 21 Burger
  • 3. The In-N-Out Burger
  • 2. The McDonald’s Burger
  • 1. The White Castle Slider

  • Read more: The White Castle Slider | McDonald's, In-N-Out Burger, Ramen Burger, Best burgers, calorie |

    And, finally...

    Blog traffic here has settled down from the initial surge.  Daily visitors and page views are 4-5 times what they were when the blog went fallow.  THANK YOU for reading.  Here are this morning's weely numbers:

    The Daily News                        
                        -- Site Summary ---                     
                Total ....................... 23,753            
                Average per Day ................. 23            
                Average Visit Length .......... 2:36            
                This Week ...................... 159            
              Page Views
                Total ....................... 38,491            
                Average per Day ................. 40            
                Average per Visit .............. 1.8  

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    Thank you, John, for the time you take to offer interesting and up-beat stories. I like the man who has set up a family trust to give all his lottery winnings to charities that he and his children pick to honor his wife and their mother.