Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Morning Edition 2456675

Dos Bubbas.
The Skamper pop top camper flew the coop Friday.  KC (left) paid cash for the camper Monday but couldn't pick it up until Friday.  It only took a couple of hours to get it off the pickup and firmly secured to this 10-foot trailer.  It's actually quite an ingenious way of utilizing a lightweight camper.

The completed rig is shown below. KC was very happy to get the camper and we were very happy to wave good-bye to it.  We now have our pick-up truck back after a 3+ year absence.

Del Rio Springs gets some well deserved attention next week.
The very first Arizona Territorial Capitol was set up here in 1864.
Del Rio Springs is a fascinating place with a very rich history.  The final quote in the story linked below says, "And history is happening now."  Indeed.

Did you now, that when Fred Harvey decided to export water from Del Rio Springs that  "This movement has been decided upon from the fact that the government chemists at Washington have analyzed the waters of these springs and pronounced them the purest of any in the nation, with the possible exception of the famous Rock Springs, Wyo. product."  (Source:

I've always been fascinated with Del Rio because it is technically the tippy top of the flowing headwaters of The Verde River.  Someplace long, long ago, I read that spring water actually domed above ground level when settlers first arrived.  Those days are long gone, of course.  We sure wish we could attend the festivities Wednesday.

Lost Trail Pass, Idaho, looking south January 18, 2103.
Problems continue to vex the first megaload as it sits 10 miles south of Lost Trail Pass.  First it was waiting for the Montana permit.  How it's mechanical issues.  If it sits around much longer, maybe it could become a permanent tourist attractive in Gibbonsville. "The Missoulian" newspaper continues great coverage of the movement of the megaloads.

Pigmy Wabbits.

A custom built drone is being used to help understand Pigmy Rabbit Habitat in Idaho.  It's actually quite a very interesting story.
Here's a great photo gallery of Gilligan's Island. There are 31 pictures.
It was put together after the last living cast member died this week.


Terry Miller said...

RE: Gilligan's island
Oh wrong wrong wrong--2 of the cast members are still alive including Dawn Wells who lives in Driggs, opened an acting camp and ran the SpudFest film festival for several years. She played Mary Ann on the series and was the first person on television to wear short shorts to make herself look more elongated next to her much taller cast members.

John Parsons said...

Oh, MY! You are quite correct, Terry! I simply repeated what I read in an uninformed media article without checking the facts. Oops! Thanks for taking us to task with the True Facts!