Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Morning Edition 2456673

The days of the Morning Edition may be numbered.  As much as we love  compiling fun, positive stories each day, our "supply line" is rapidly shutting down.  It seems almost every news outlet we visit has a paywall now.  Most of them have allowed me access to a certain number of articles before the paywall blockage kicks in.  As of this morning, a roster that once included roughly 3 dozen news outlets has shrunk to about 6 news outlets.  There isn't much I can find in those six outlets to make this report interesting.  In fact, I wouldn't call this Morning Edition very interesting at all.

Oh, well, that the way the internet changes.  We will adapt and find another way to entertain ourselves and our Friends.  Thanks for reading.

Missoula is holding a Big Lewbowski festival.  It is sort of an interesting story.  No picture--we've all seen far too many Jeff Bridges photos.

Here's a nice explanation of why birds fly in formation.  I think we all kinda figured out this was the reason but now, apparently, scientists can prove it is the reason.

Here's a ncie story about supportive parents and how they have encouraged their son to "be himself."  Now their son, the star QB of the Niners, is one step away from a second straight Super Bowl.


Terry Miller said...

Sorry John, I for one won't miss the Morning Edition--your own travels and experiences are much more interesting than recaps from other agencies.

Marti Spudboater said...

I for one am a huge Kapernick fan even thought I can't spell his name. I got to watch him play 4 games against Boise State. Other than Kellen Moore, I thought he was the best quarterback in the WAC/Mtn West. I give high fives to RG3, never thought that much of Cam Newton. Too bad no one really appreciates Kellen but I'm guessing down the road he will end up coaching and maybe be as sought after as Coach Peterson, now the new coach of UW. Colin is an awesome young man and because of him, I'm a 49ers fan now.