Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Morning Edition 2456672

Oh, MY!  Talk about DRY!  That's The Sierra Nevada Range you're looking at in this photo.  Incredibly dry!
Believe it or not, this photo was taken with a GoPro HERO3 camera at about 100,000 feet from a balloon.
Now get this--the balloon was launched by middle and high school students from Bishop, California.
Scroll down through this morning's Space Weather report to read more and see a larger version of this photo

Sue Malone write an awesome Part I story about Big Bend, Texas
Supposedly, Americans eat 1.23-billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday.
Will there be a chicken wing shortage this year?  No.  Read about it here:
Your Daily Dose O' History--Chuckwalla Slim
Sweet Story about VW Vans.  Be sure to check
the awesome photo gallery and read the captions.
This isn't any ordinary bell and this is any ordinary bell story.

Here's a second story about this awesome bell:
The megaload is news again.  Montana issued the permit.

AT skiing? Free heelers?  Whazzup with that?  Read on...

We quizzed one of our Dear Facebook Friends in the Ketchum-Sun Valley area about this and here is what Eric had to say: "The policy is no one can skin up during normal hours of operation.  You can skin up before the lift opens.  So it's a risk management policy and not a banning.  I am for this policy as I have been involved in ski patrol for over 25 years.  Free heelers and uphill AT ski folks are members of the snow sports family.  Fattire Bikes are the newest members with 40 or so of the new bikes for rent in the Wood River Valley.  (see )The history of skinning in this valley is it's own book.  It's rumored that there are more back country skiers in this valley than season pass holders at Sun Valley."
And, finally...your Pow-Wowerful Music for today.

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Sue Malone said...

oh John, so much great am I supposed to keep up....while still behind on my own blog. Sadly, I need snow days to sit and read blogs and that aint happenin here in Corpus Christi today, although the wind IS blowing pretty hard.