Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3.5 days

The countdown clock says there's 3.5 days left before we depart Idaho Falls.  That's why we like countdown clocks so much--we don't have to think--we just look at the clock and it says it all.

There's so much yet to do and 3.5 days seems like such a small amount of time in which to do all that remains.  However, we know from experience everything will get done and we will life off as we always do--right on time.

It's just always such a weird experience sitting 3.5 days after form takeoff wondering how everything is going to get done...yet sitting here with the knowledge it WILL get done just like it always does.  Somehow we seem to go into auto pilot mode right around this time and things magically and mysteriously happen just the way they should.

Strange how that works!

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