Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A golfing we will go

Putting Practice.
Golf?  You betcha.  We actually do play golf.  In fact, we played golf this very morning...proving once again that we're not all work and no play.

Just what kind of golf do we play?  We're glad you asked that question.  We only play "Junior Golf" which is kind of an oxymoron for a Senior Golfer.

The City of Idaho Falls has three truly first rate regulation golf courses.  Pinecrest is considered to be one of Idaho's top municipal golf courses and some say it's nationally ranked as well.  The other two courses are Sage Lakes and Sand Creek.

Sand Creek has a sweet Junior Course tucked away behind the cart shop.  That's where we play golf.  It's also known as the Short Course and the Kiddie Course.  it's the place parents often bring toddlers to introduce them to the game of golf.

Typically when Dear Friend Terry M. and we play golf, the Junior Course is totally deserted and we have the place to ourselves.  It costs a mere $4 to play the six short holes there and it generally takes us less than an hour from start to finish.
Terry tees off on Hole #4.

Neither of us have the attention span or desire to spend all day playing golf.  A few times each summer is just fine with us.  Terry's clubs are probably 40 years old.  We bought all of our clubs at thrift stores. In fact, we bought enough clubs to put together actual sets of clubs and sell them at a profit on Craigs List.  Therefore, all of the clubs and golfer stuff we now own is free since our profits offset the cost of everything.

All of our golf balls were donated to us and so we're into this normally expensive game for nothing.  It's pretty hard to beat a $4 green fee, too.  Meanwhile, we play by our own rules.  Terry calls them "Australian Rules".  According to Australian Rules, HIGH score wins.  None of this stupid low score stuff for us.

Today, for example, we were tied going into the final hole.  I shot a 5 and Terry a four and therefore I won the match by having the highest score of the day.  Terry dutifully congratulated me and we walked happily back to our cars.

One of the truly nice things about the Kiddie Course is that we can hoot and hollar and goof off and we aren't offending anyone.  Real golfers act like they are in church or something.  They speak in low tones and act reverential and show no discernible signs of glee.  On the Kiddie Course, Terry and we can be kids ourselves once again.  This is a real bonus of our golf game.

Once in awhile we speak or laugh far too loudly and we get mean stares from the Real Golfers on the nearby course.  Ah, who cares?  They are a bunch of stuffy old fuddie-duddies--WE are the ones having Real Fun.  We might not be Real Golfers but we definitely can have some Real Fun.

We remember back in 2010 when we bought our first thrift store clubs--many of our Dear Friends thought we'd gone daft and taken leave of our senses.  Well, suffice to say, we've been having great Real Fun ever since and dearly love our Golfing Game.  Real Golfers turn up their noses and roll their eyes at our make-believe Golf Game on the Kiddie Course but it suits Terry and me just fine.
We'll see ya next year!

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Nanette South Clark said...

I love the way you guys play golf! From now on, I only play Australian Rules, haha. :) I love the way you tell a story...and I sure do miss Idaho.