Wednesday, March 13, 2013


How would Jeff Foxworthy say this?  "You know you're a Rimrock Redneck when you put your leftovers on top of your truck camper so the coons and skunks won't get it."

Yeah, ya see, when our fridge is full, it's a whole lot easier just to put some foil on top of a casserole dish and chuck it up on top of the camper shell.  Hey, it's like free refrigeration.

There's only one problem with this hillbilly plan--you have to remember to bring it in the next morning, especially BEFORE you drive off with last night's dinner on top of your truck.

Well, so we left at 9:30 am this morning to meet Wayne Ranney for a hike on the HiLine Trail.  About half way through this fine hike, I asked Susun, "Did you bring in those stuffed bell peppers and green beans from the top of the truck."

"No," she replied, looking perplexed, "I thought you brought them back in."  "Oh," I said rather sadly, "I wonder where they landed?"

Well, we learned where they landed when we came back home hours later.  They slid off and landed right smack dab in the middle of the intersection of Goss Street and Barbara Lane.  But the time we saw what was left, hundreds of tiny glass shards glittered in the late afternoon sun.

There was no sign of a single green bean or stuff green bell pepper.

Alas, there are risks and hazard to our Hillybilly Rimrock Redneck Lifestyle.  Now what are we going to do for dinner tonight?

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Wayne Ranney said...

What a great hike! I just got home -so to speak. Helen said the internet connection was down so I took 3 hours to find out why. I'm still in my hiking clothes and just ate dinner! Great hike!