Monday, March 11, 2013


Anybody who knows us knows we a "gamer."  Give us a game to play and we'll play.  We're what's called a "gamer."  When we play, we play to win.  We may not always win, but we sure play to win.  We're a Gamer!

And so it is with our Salmon Thang.  We're playing to win.  And win we've been winning lately.  This evening we crested over the 40,000 total page view mark since we started this gig on May 16, 2012.  Not only that we also created over 8,000 pageviews in the last month alone. That means 20 percent of our total page views have come within the last 30 days.

That's what being a Gamer is all about.  It seems like only yesterday when the website's usage was languishing and going nowhere slightly about 30,000 page views.  That's when we decided to get back in the game again and amp it up.  We've created over 8,000 page views in the last four weeks.  YES!


It's a lot of fun writing about The Salmon River.  No doubt about it.  Frankly, though, for those of you know know us, it's one whole heck of a lot MORE fun being a Gamer and messing with our statistics and doing whatever it takes amp them up.  Writing is one thing--gaming is another.  Together, writing and gaming, they are providing immense fun from The Salmon Thang.  We love it.

Um...and just so you know, below is tonight's statistics for this blog so you can compare it to the above.
No, we don't worry about such low numbers.  As you know, we are writing this blog for just a very few people...AND ourselves!  The contrast is pretty stark!  We had almost as many page views on the Salmon Thang yesterday as we had in one whole month here on this blog. Also note that the 34K "all time history" page views covers 3.25 calendar years while the 40K pageviews from the Salmon Thang covers 10 months. Don't worry, we LOVE our DFs & LBRs and we will keep writing here long past when the cows come home.

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