Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Basket

So, Wednesday we were at the Dee-Eye in Mesa, Arizona.  (Dee-Eye = Deseret Industries)  We had just picked up Susun at the airport and were heading to her brother's place.  It's an obligatory ritual to stop at a Dee-Eye if one is nearby.  As we prowled and perused the place, Susun spotted an old-fashioned picnic basket.  She was immediately smitten with it and wanted to buy it.  Naturally, Old Man Grumpy sniffed, "Well, what would you DO with it anyway, Susun?"  Naturally, she said she would fill it with magazines and Grumpy mumbled, "Oh, great." and rolled his eyes and hobbled off in search of left-handed golf clubs.

Meanwhile Miss Susun bought her basket for four dollars and then immediately began to try to find uses for it.  She's been busy every since Wednesday plotting and scheming how to use her basket.  As you can see from the photo, it sure didn't take her long to find a good use for the basket.  She packed all her stuff for the Girls Night Out in the basket so she can skip up to the doorstop at The Home of Phyllis like a little fairy singing, "A trisket, A trasket, Susie's got a little basket."  Ah, My Sweetie--she's So Special and I love her Dearly.

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