Friday, December 14, 2012

Much Love from Susun & Sarah

Dear Sweetie Susun sent a Super Sweet email last night.  Here's the complete email in italic:

I  Hope I can share a little bit of, "a whole Lotta Love goin on here
" with Sarah, Pete and especially Gage and Van.  So, I will only share a few
of the most touching and beautiful quotes,

I left the light on for you Mema...Van
At 1:00 am to Sarah from Gage and Van...Where is Mema?
At 7:30 am, Gage to me... You are not getting on the plane today are
You? I miss you so much when you do.
Mema you are my friend, I like your blue eyes....Van
Mema, you are fun and silly.  Gage and Van
You smell good, I like your ear rings....Van
You smell good like a flower...Gage
Mema, you are the best...Gage
Mema, I love you....Van me..Van
Mema, where are you?  Gage and Van several times thru out the day.
Mema , I  am so sited you are here...Gage
Where is John?..Gage
I love you Mema...Gage

There is no way i can describe the way they look so close at me, in to
my eyes and into my heart and spirit. There is no way i can express the joy of holding them in my arms and folding them into the love I have for them.

I am so wonderfully blessed and grateful for this beautiful family.

John, Stasea, Sarah...Brothers and Sisters..Friends
I Love You

Aw...Now that's one Sweet Email! Thanks, Susun, you really summed up a slice of your joy about being with Family during the Holiday Season!  After reading Susun's email above, her Daughter Sarah sent Susun this equally Sweet Email in italic:

Ok mom made me cry!!! We are all so lucky to have so much LOVE in our family!! No matter how often we see each other or not,  or far away or close we are from each other the love never changes!!! I am ( we are) so blessed to have two beautiful boys to remind us how precious we ALL are to each other!!!  I love you both as much as Gage and Van show you and tell you today and forever!!!

It really brings a glow to our heart and spirit to read such touching emails.  Many Cheers!  jp

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