Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Report

Our overnight rain totaled three-quarters of an inch, pretty much what "they" said it would be.  We doubt the Rim Country got all that much snow because the temps look to be at or above freezing.

As you can tell by the blog post below, Susun is feeling the glow of love from her Family in San Diego.  Very Special Times for them.

We have the typical whirlwind trip earlier this week.  We were away from Second Chance Ranch a grand total of 54 hours and somehow managed to squeeze in 33 retail stops during that time period.  Whew.  We were very tired upon our return here but rallied up to spend seven hours hunting yesterday with our Dear Friend Tom B.  Neither of us fired a single shot or even saw anything with four legs but we have a really great time together.  You know, wearing camo and male bonding and all that stuff.

We managed our time well on 12-12 so that we could wind up completing a pilgrimage to WINCO at 12 seconds after 12 minutes after 12 noon on 12-12-12.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened.  Customers came and went and no one even noticed me taking a photo of my watch at that precise moment. The photo is blurry but you can clearly see the second hand where it belonged at the appointed time.

This morning, I have to beat feet out of here in under an hour for my first Verde NRCD meeting since last April.  We are promoting the idea of the NRCD becoming a co-sponsor of the March 23rd Verde Riverfest so, naturally, we have to be there to help the idea along.  Dear Friend Jodi is Chairwoman of the NRCD and she has learned to run a much better meeting than she did in her early days when meetings often last four hours or more.  This one will probably only last 2-3 hours.  YIKES!  That's makes the Idaho Falls P&R meeting look like a blur.

The overnight rain finally coagulated the deep dust here so perhaps our allergies will go into remission during the Holidays ahead.  It's been a tough four weeks as far as allergies are concerned.  We are grateful for the rain and more is supposedly on the way after being gift wrapped by El Pacifico.

Not much else to report here--better get going if we're going to make the meeting on time.  Many Cheers, jp

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