Monday, December 10, 2012

DR & LBR Maggie Visits

Saturday was a Great Day!  Dear Friend and our very first Loyal Blog Reader Maggie came down from Flagstaff to spend two very fun hours with us.  We enjoyed a great eclectic breakfast by Susun.  What's an eclectic breakfast?  Kale and eggs.  As odd as it sounds, it's good.  We swapped a lot of stories and took a spin around the Old Field.  Maggie is Happy and it was super fun to be together.  We're planning on going up to see her and Steve on December 22nd. THANKS, Maggie!

Susun rallied up some of her Sedona-area girlfriends for a Sunday morning hike.  She was out of here shortly after 8 am.  Below (l-r) Kate, Susan, Marilyn, Diana, and Laura are all smiles for this outing!

We're packing up this Monday morning to head down to Mesa.  Susun flies out on Wednesday morning.  We want to spend some Holiday Time with her brother & Family.  Plus, we have a big backlog of errands to run in the Really Big City. Plus, there's a Deseret Industries thrift store to visit...and a WINCO, too!  We do go into withdrawal without some quality time in a Dee-Eye and a WINCO.  We will get our DI/Winco fix and all will be well.

We will be returning on 12-12-12.  Turns out that 12:12 on 12-12-12 is going to be a big day for people who pay attention to that sort of stuff.  Maybe we will time our return for that minute.

Not much else to report.  Life is good.  Many Cheers, jp

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The Goatherder said...

Which 12:12? a.m. or p.m.?
Is that MST, CST, or Mayan time? I thought it was the 21st. Or maybe it is the 12th...
I'm so confused, betcha anything I miss the end of the world. Shoot!