Sunday, December 9, 2012


First Description of photos below:

What you see below are two Redneck Architects using the tools of their trade--wood blocks and some glue.  Why, that's how Goatherder and Little Yonni designed themselfs a straw shed in 1993.  Yep, they didn't need no stinking pencils and rulers and, geeze Louise, Paper?  Ya gotta be kidding.  Why, you never seen such share tree architect dudes!  They whipped that there straw shed into a right nice little ol' model and when all their Big City Friends came to help build it, why they were mighty impressed.

Second Description of photos below:

Dumb and Dumber design a shed.


The Goatherder said...

From abject confusion springs actual housing. A miracle!!

The Goatherder said...

Meant to add, that's about as close as anybody's ever gotten to "Made in Rimrock". ;-)