Saturday, December 8, 2012


MIC = Made In Clarkdale.  MIC is one of the highlights of the Verde Valley's annual social calendar.  It's a shake-and-bake hybrid Family/High School Reunion all rolled into a premier debut of the latest and greatest original creations from the artists of Clarkdale, Arizona.  Way back in the Way Back Time Machine in 1986, a few MIC Mamas and Papas got together and decided that Clarkdale artists ought to have their own showcase.  Back in those days, only Jerome and Sedona were thought to have any "real" artists.  So, MIC was born to showcase ONLY Clarkdale artists.  No one else need apply.

(Editor's Note:  We did actually did attend the first MIC in 1986--that was a year before we got together with Sweetie Susun.  That was when we made the connection that got Richard Thompson (1986) involved in Verde River stuff.  We've attended "most" of the MIC's since but, to be brutally honest, when the belly dancers start swinging their stuff, we're outta there!)

Well, it turns out that Clarkdale harbors quite the eclectic crew of "real" artists and there's never been nary a single schlocky craft item to ever be seen in the annual art debut.  The Good Ladies of Clarkdale also use MIC as a reason to cook up all manner of home made goodies to serve free to attendees.  Meanwhile, MIC pops for free cardbordeaux wine for anyone who cares to imbibe.  Music and belly dancers provide entertainment.

However, beyond the art, food, music, belly dancers and ambiance of the historic Clark Memorial Hall. the true main reason we go is to reunite with many of our Dear Friends that we often see only once each year at MIC.  Hugs, smiles and handshakes abound.

We wanted to take many more photos than the dozen we put up on Facebook but it's tough to talk to Dear Friends and take pictures at the same time.  Next year, maybe we will wear a disguise so we can take photos all night long and no one will know it's us.  Maybe we could go as The Big Lewbowski. for thought.  Anyway, here's some photos.  If you have Facebook you can see others there.

 Dear Friend Marsha Foutz is one of only two MIC Mamas remaining from 1986.  Here she greets incoming attendees.
 Susun ponders Ellie Bauer's use of old piano innards in her latest esoteric artwork.
 Adventurer Stephan Block and Reporter Lu Stitt ponder a light-hearted moment.
 MIC is a one-of-a-kind slice of genuine rural Americana.
 Susun loved this painting of the water of The Verde River.
Susun with two honest-to-gosh, official, certified "Friends of MIC," Chip Norton & Kathy Davis.

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