Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today we get to go bowling. Yea! Bowling is a rare treat for us.

We use the word "us" loosely here as it includes only ONE of us. The other part of "us" will have nothing to do with bowling, bowling alleys or bowling ambiance, such as it is.

We, however, the male half of "us" thoroughly enjoy bowling. We just don't get a chance to thoroughly enjoy it very often, if at all.

 DF & LBR's with a really good memory will recall we rediscovered our Big Lebowski Bowling Persona in April of 2011 in Lafayette, Indiana, when we were able to rent a half-priced lane for a full hour at the Market Square Bowling alley there. During our trip back to Lafayette last December-January, we didn't have a spare minute of time to revisit the bowling scene.

Luckily, one of the Idaho Falls alleys went out of business--probably because they didn't offer discount bowling--and the new owners promptly instituted half-price bowling every Sunday at Bowl-ero. We were able to enjoy this wonderful development a few times this summer. We pronounce the name of that place: "Bowl-a-roo."

We have no problem with solo bowling. This half of "us" thoroughly enjoys such a solitary pastime. Well, imagine our true delights and surprise when we discovered our nearby local casino is offering ALL DAY BOWLING for a mere $8. That's not a typo--that's eight dollars, including shoes! The other two alleys where we have been bowling charged $7.50 an HOUR for one lane, PLUS shoes. Now we get a whole lane for hours upon hours for next to nothing.

Trust us, we will bowl until our left arm drops off today. When we can finally no longer pick up the bowling ball, that's when we will call it quits and come home, only to eagerly await the next Sunday when, by that time, our left arm will be rehabilitated and ready for another all-day session of bowling.

One DF & LBR calls bowling our "secret vice." HA! It ain't secret if it's rolled out here for a surgical strike on the blog. Well, here is the link for the Cliff Castle Casino Bowling Alley:

And, for all you other hard core bowlers out there--we have put up the closing scene of The Big Lebowski on our Mesquites Rule blog.  Click here to see it.


Wayne Ranney said...

I would love to go bowling with you! Truly. Count me in for one Sunday next month.

The Goatherder said...

Any sport that can be undertaken while drinking beer and chain smoking Camels is OK by me.