Friday, November 30, 2012

Blog statistics

This hasn't been the greatest year for blog posts here on Live Simple.  However, in November we managed to put up more posts than any other month so far this year.  With this post we will have published 34 of them.  The previous high month was May with 32 posts.  The other nine months averaged slightly less than 22 posts per month. Five of those nine months saw a bare minimum of 20 blog posts.

The Year 2010 saw an average of 53 posts per month and 2011 was 39 posts per month.  This year it's probably going to figure out to perhaps 22-23 posts per month, the lowest year of production yet.  However, it's not like we haven't been writing blog posts.  Quite the contrary.  On The Salmon Thang, we will have put up over 100 posts by the time the year ends.  We will have put an additional 40 posts on Geek Weather and probably another 40-50 misc. posts on various other blogs.

So, in terms of total posts, we're running right about the same number as last year 2011.  This is the first year we have put any energy into Facebook so that has diluted our blogging efforts somewhat as well.  We'll talk about Facebook in a minute.

Moving forward, how do we see our blogging taking shape for Year 2013?  We suspect our posts here on Live Simple will be lucky to average 30 per month.  It's highly likely that the average will only be slightly better than Year 2012.  Expect between 20-30 posts per month here in the coming year.

The Salmong Thang will probably run as many as 120 posts in the coming year--about ten per month.  That equates to roughly a two or three posts each week.  That's definitely "doable."  Geek Weather will probably only get 2-4 posts per month, more when active weather is happening and less during stable weather.   Mesquites Rule will get maybe a post a month if it's lucky.  Our shooting and hunting blogs will get some attention now and then but nothing much on a regular basis--only when the whim stirs.

All-in-all, Year 2013 will probably see a total blog output approaching but not exceeding 500 posts for the whole year, pretty much just like Years 2011 and 2012.  Currently on this blog, we have well over 1400 posts total and way, way over 30,000 page views since its beginning on 1/1/10.

Not surprisingly, blog readership here had fallen to the lowest level since the blog's inception nearly 3 years ago.  We generally get 12-14 unique visitors each day.  What that means is our Dear Friends and Loyal Blog Readers continue to constitute the core of our caring readers.  THANK YOU FOR READING!

OK, let's talk about Facebook for a little bit, shall we?  As you all well know, we aren't "Friends" of Facebook.  Yes, we have mellowed our attitude somewhat but continue to cast a sternly skeptical eye on Facebook. Mostly, it's a colossal waste of time and mostly irrelevant as well.

We've learned that our Facebook for the Salmon Thang proved to be a valuable promotional asset.  That's why we've logged over 27,000 page views this year.  Facebook for the Salmon effort will be reserved for "breaking news" kind of situations such as forest fires, floods or other fearsome events.

Our personal Facebook was started only a few weeks ago as a kind of experiment.  Mostly, we don't really see much purpose in being regular authors on Facebook so we're going to cut way back on the time spent there.  Interestingly, we have become captivated by Facebook as a viable stock investment.  Just for grins, we bought 10 shares at $21 and it's now hanging out at $27.  Big whoop.  We did have an order in to buy 90 shares at $23.00 but that day the price only got down to 23.05--we missed getting filled by five ticks.  Bear in mind 10 shares out of 2.2 BILLION shares outstanding is about as minuscule as is possible to get.  But it's fun and entertaining and doesn't put much money at risk.

Well, that about sums up our annual blog statistics.  As the last day of November is upon us, we can look forward into December and know that we will probably write yet another 20-30 blog posts but, at this point in the year, it won't do anything to change the overall averages.

Thanks for reading all this boring stuff.  Many Cheers, jp

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