Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon Friends

The November full moon kinda fizzled tonight.  The sun set and then nothing happened.  Normally, the moon rises either in sync with the setting sun or shortly thereafter.  Not so tonight.  It didn't rise until nearly an hour after the sun set.  However, that didn't really matter as we had Marsha & Hugh here to swap stories, tell tall tales and generally regale each other with laughter, mirth and generalized merry making.  Believe me, Marsha and Hugh have PhD's in Merry Making and they really know how to get on a roll even if the moon wasn't cooperating.  No Moon?  NO problem!  At least we had a fine and fluffy campfire and there's a lot that a campfire can do to make up for a full moon fizzle.

THANKS, Marsha & Hugh for coming over for a full moon campfire and dinner tonight.  You made Wednesday, November 29th a Special Occasion!

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