Friday, November 30, 2012

VIVA Kirsty!

DF & LBRs know how much we care for Kirsty and her blog, Momedy.  In the blog post below, you have read our dry and boring post about our own blog statistics.  Well, get this:  if it wasn't for Kirsty, our blog production over the last three years wouldn't have been Jack Diddly!

It's all because of Kirsty that we have had the inspiration and motivation and STICK TO IT and keep posting through thick and thin.  Kirsty has helped us understand what it takes to be be a REAL Blogger.

To paraphrase Kirsty's approach to blogging it would be:  BLOG UP! (Think Lane Frost's signature "cowboy up" scene in the movie 8 Seconds). No matter what comes her way, Kirsty is right there and ready to meet the challenges mind-to-mind, eye-to-eye and hand-to-hand on her keyboard as Momedy tackles whatever it is.

Today, she posted up this photo of her Family on Facebook and I ripped the picture to put here on Live Simple Care Much.  Each and every one of the individuals in this photo are uniquely equipped to move forward successfully and happily on their own Positive Life Path because of Kirsty.  KIRSTY ROX!

THANK YOU, Kirsty, for being our Friend!  Clarence.

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Kirsty said...

Oh my angelic friends, thank you so much. As you know, I feel like you are my personal cheering section sent straight from above. Thank you so much for your hugely kind and generous words and sentiments. You inspire me to try to live up to even 1/2 of them. You are the best!
love you guys!