Monday, August 6, 2012

Classic Early August Evening

Susun has really been on top of her game lately.  Doesn't matter if it's Hilda's Garden or volunteering for Habitat or being a Friend to her Friends.  Susun's there for what she's needed to be there for.  Way to go, Sweetie!

Tonight she was there for the sunset's peak of glory.  She tried to rally me up for it but all I saw was monochromatic colors and went back inside to mess with that Salmon Thang.  Not Susun.  She got some classic sunset photos from Deep in The Heart of The City.

Susun did turn to take a photo of the house during this sunset episode.  Looks real normal, eh?

Meanwhile out over the Arco Desert, Total Glory was breaking loose.
PS--Here is what the sunset actually looked like from Roger Plothow's Eagle's Roost high in the foothills east of Idaho Falls.  He easily has THE Best Sunset viewing spot that we know of and also owns THE best camera equipment to capture any given moment at its very best.  THANKS, Roger!  Photos are Copyright 2012 and may not be used without permission.  Note also that Roger's photos are in much larger file sizes. You can click on them and see a much larger version.  THANK YOU, Roger!  Ya dun good.

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Wayne Ranney said...

John - That is surely the quintessential LDS/Gates of Heaven/queue the trumpets sunset I've seen in awhile. Thanks for sharing.