Friday, July 6, 2012

Wes & Nancy Visit

Our Dear Friends Wes & Nancy G. from Camp Verde arrived before the Fourth.  They were returning from a great cruise on a 900-foot ship that took them from Vancouver, Canada, to Skagway, Alaska.  They really had a great time.  When they visited last year, we told them all about the great July 4th fireworks so they detoured 500 miles out of their way to come here for the 4th.  Wes shared that if he won the Powerball, he would buy $10,000 worth of fireworks and blow them up all at once like they did in San Diego.  Well, when he saw what we have to offer here, he might have had a "fix" for his Powerball urge.  The rich guy who does the fireworks here added 571 shells this year and a total of over 17,000 shells where shot off in 31 minutes--that's 9.2 shells a second.  It's pretty amazing.  Anyway, we had a whirlwind visit and got them ring side seats for The Show at Helen's Place right down on the river's edge.

We enjoyed the parade and the Liberty Festival and even managed to go to the shooting range and fire off 200 rounds of .45 ACP in honor of our Freedom Loving Forefathers.  Thanks for visiting, Wes & Nancy, we had a real blast and a great time.
When those 17,000+ shells starting popping, Wes was one Happy Camper!

Susun's new mandatory "photo op" is down at the Japanese Garden.

We sure enjoyed hanging out in the courtyard and a Good Time was had by All!

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