Friday, July 6, 2012

Kate & Brock Visit

Our Dear Friends Kate and Brock Blevins arrived about 3 hours after Wes & Nancy G. departed.  As you recall, they were scheduled to arrive a week ago but, well...  Anyway, they made it, if only for a grand total of 19 hours.  Interestingly, they brought in a small rain storm with them. The day was cool and cloudy and a perfect respite from the hot days we have been having.  Since our time was so short, Susun really put them through their paces in doing the obligatory Gilligan's Island Three Hour Tour.

(NOTE:  Here is the snippet from the Gilligan's Island theme song:  "Five passengers set sail that day 
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour."  If you need to see it in context, click here for the one-minute YouTube rendition.)

Anyway, our own rendition of the Three Hour Tour went off without a hitch...or a flip...and although we actually did visit an island...Pederson's Sportman's Island...we were not marooned.

It was a delightful, if nano, visit with Kate and Brock.  During our Traditional Tamale Dinner last night, Karen Lansing came over to visit and provided Classic Karen Entertainment.  She recited her World Famous Poem  and the proverbial Good Time was had by All.

We once again arose at 5:30 am today to make the necessary arrangements to get our guests off on-time for their appointed travel connections.  THANKS, Kate & Brock, we had a Great Visit!  Happy Trails! J&S

This is the new obligatory visitor photo op: The Japanese Garden.

This is what Susun saw through her lens while I was taking her photo above.

Say what you will but this is a classy photo down there in the Heart of The Japanese Garden.

Kate added a whole new blossoming flower to Hilda's Garden!

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