Friday, July 6, 2012

Whazzup with us?

After waving Bon Voyage this morning to Kate & Brock about 7:15 am MST, Susun and I stumbled home in a bit of a fog.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Arizona Company and it seems like only yesterday that Phyllis and Marsha were getting off De Plane on June 11.  However, we have a bit of a well-deserved break now.  Our next Arizona Company arrives August 5th.  

We're not going anywhere until July 23rd.  That's a Monday.  We're going to Riverside Campground.  We have the Legendary Site A21 reserved just for us until Thursday morning.  Sweet.

We're checking out Thursday morning and arriving back in River City mid-afternoon.  On Friday, I ship out for 8-10 days of duty up in Salmon Country.  Susun's going to hold down the fort here in River City while I'm gone.  Natalie N. has agreed to help judge the Clayton Chili Cookoff July 28th.  Two photos of Natalie and Stephen are below.

There's lot of news to report.  First and foremost, Spudboater had a mishap on her Grand Canyon trip.  She broke her ankle in Lava Falls.  It's a long story that we can't tell without her permission.  We're waiting for her to update her own blog so the story is "official," according to Spudboater.  Our prayers for Healing and speedy recovery go out to Spudboater.  The blog post above this one tells the story.

Kirsty continues to put up The Sweetest blog posts of all time celebrating her youngest child and Totally Awesome Family!  Whenever you need some extra Spirit for Your Spirit, just go visit Kirsty's blog--whatever is Kirsty's latest blog post is GUARANTEED to put a glow in Your Heart!  

Queen Mater is playing hide and seek now with her Maters.  Now you see her, now you don't.  Pretty amazing.  

Wayne Ranney celebrated his birthday July 1st and also is savoring the sales of 26,000 (not a typo) copies of his book on Carving The Grand Canyon.  He's already taking orders for the revised 2nd edition.  Way to go, Wayne! Check Wayne's blog for his latest, greatest Grand Canyon trip.  Click here to see it.

Jim Bishop has embarked on a new book called "Voices of The Verde."

It's very dry down in Verde Country--record low levels for the river flow.  Kinda spooky. Other spooky stuff has been happening there and our prayers go out to those who have had to be involved.

We decided to take the first day of our "summer break" on the run today--almost literally.  we went to the local high school football stadium and did 10 repetitions of climbing from the bottom to the top.  Trust me, that exercise tells you just how far out of shape you are.  Then we went over for a 45-minute swim in our city's indoor pool.  That also is a wake up call for how far out of shape we are.

We have a new quest--The Geographical Center of The Great State of Idaho.  We enlisted one of Idaho's top GIS professionals and he has ginned up the longitude and latitude for the "ID CTR."  We've been spending a LOT of time figuring out where this spot is located and how to get there.  What it boils down to is that we're going to have to climb 3000+ feet in two miles from a parking spot on an obscure road to get to this point.  It's in CAT MOAN Country in Custer County, Idaho at 9200 feet.  So that's whazzup with stadium stair climbing and swimming laps.  We don't have a whole lot of time to get back in shape for this adventure.

Meanwhile, The Salmon Thing is exploding.  We blew past 3,000 pageviews (cumulative since May 16) today like it wasn't even a benchmark.  It's freaking phenomenal.  Wild, if you will. It kind of feels like we are in a rodeo riding a wild horse--we keep wondering if and when we're going to get thrown off into the dust.  Maybe we will just keep riding.  Who Knows?

It sure has been a great ride since June 11.  We're proud of our Dear Friends from Arizona for making the trek up here into Tater Nation.  We're happy they have all enjoyed their visits.

Life is Good!

Many Cheers, jp
American Gothic somewhere along The Salmon River.

Natalie, Joshua and Stephen near Malm Gulch, Idaho

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