Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Boyhood Home Lives Again

It's funny how things work out. Wayne and I often call it "all in a day's karma." So, here's a story. I found myself thinking of my Mom today and getting a wee bit sad in my heart. We always talked on every Holiday and July 4th was such a special holiday. We talked about whether the corn was "knee high by the Fourth of July" and all sorts of other things typical to Indiana. I was thinking today how much I would miss that call tomorrow and my heart felt sad. So, along comes an email from Dan Hartley, The World Greatest Realtor. If you recall it was Dan who believed in me and the house and helped put a price above appraisal on it. That's when most all the naysayers said it would never sell for anything close to the list price that Dan helped me put on it. Angel Lynn was the only one who thought it would bring the list price. (Angel Lynn kept me posted on the rehab of the house and told me the final sales price.  THANK YOU, Angel Lynn!)

 Well, as you recall, it sold on Groundhog Day just a few days after it was listed and barely after I even got back to Second Chance Ranch. Those were very emotional times for both me and Susun. Well, along comes Dan's email today and he told me how the house was completely refurbished and sold in just days after it was listed. In fact, it appears it actually sold for a wee bit higher than the listing price. It listed for $137,500 and sold for $138,000. Amazing but true. Dan also included 23 photos of the exterior and interior of the house. that I had not viewed before he sent them. It is so beautiful now. It is totally alive again and will undoubtedly live forever now that it has been fully re-energized. So, I don't feel empty in my heart any more today. Nope, my heart feels very full and happy again and there is some spring once again in my spirit. THANKS, Dan--ya dun good! If the embedded slide show won't work, click this link to see the 23 photos. Many Cheers, jp
Boyhood Home Lives Again

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